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Gladiator All Black


If you want something unique, yet impenetrable to shield you from impact, look no further than the Gladiator All Black color Motorcycle Helmet! This helmet stands out from the pack with its cool semblence of a gladiator look. Moreover, its state-of-the-art material and weightless design will provide optimal aerodynamic thrust for you when hitting your top speed.

Your ride out on the open road has never been this safe and stylish! Get one now and feel like an invincible metal gladiator when you’re burning up the roads.


දිනෙන් දින , අපේ සේවාව ලබාගන්නා අයගේ තොරතුරු / දීමනා ගැන දැනගන්න , Bambuwa.Lk Fb පිටුවට එකතු වෙන්න
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BambuwaLK-738735316146466/
call : 0758999999


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